Hobbies: Astronomy

Another hobby of mine is Astronomy. I have been attracted by space since my childhood days, and in 1999 I started to deepen my knowledge. The Internet is a unbelieveable source for this topic, you can find some of my preferred sources on my links page.

On August 11, 1999 I went to Ulm (Germany) to see the totally sun eclipse but unhappily it was very overcast exactly when totality occured :-( ... but I got some nice looks before and after totality.

I own a very low-cost (and of course low-quality) reflector telescope (f = 700mm = 27,6inch ; d = f/9 = 76mm = 3inch) and some cheap binoculars (8x30) which I sometimes use to look at the planets and the moon; but most of the time I'm observing sky with the naked eye.

The old tripod - click to enlarge ! Around June, 1st 2001 my dad and me improved my telescope's tripod by replacing the old wodden one by a profi-style aluminium tripod. It took us about eight hours to set up a "polar-mounted" head on top of the new tripod together with a new (but still manual) elevation setting. Now the telescope's images are very stable and you can follow an object by just adjusting the azimutal setting.
... to be uploaded ... I will upload an image of my new tripod during the next days (it has to stop raining first before I can setup my reflector outside :-).

My favorite objects to watch are satellites (MIR, ISS, COBE, the Shuttle etc.) and marvellous Venus.

Watch out on these dates for meteorite showers:

(Source: Astronomy Magazine, http://www.astronomy.com)